Gothic Series Iron Balusters

Iron Baluster Design Tool: Envision the layout before you buy!

Our Gothic Series features a unique European styled wrought iron baluster that is a nice departure from the standard offerings in many homes today. Gothic series of iron balusters are heavier than the other series and have a hammered texture that shows they are hand made by craftsman with attention to detail. Gothic wrought iron balusters are available in several finishes to meet the demands of architects, designers and home owners. StairSupplies even offers custom finishing in colors of your choosing. Gothic balusters can work with most home styles, but they are best suited for larger homes with a European theme.

  • 16.1.7 Straight Hammered Iron BalusterView Item

    16.1.7 Straight Hammered Iron Baluster

    9/16" Square x 44" Tall
  • 16.5.2 Single Knuckle Iron BalusterView Item

    16.5.2 Single Knuckle Iron Baluster

    9/16" Square x 44" Tall
  • 16.1.8 Double Knuckle Iron BalusterView Item

    16.1.8 Double Knuckle Iron Baluster

    3 out of 5
    9/16" Square x 44" Tall
  • 16.1.9 Gothic Basket Iron BalusterView Item

    16.1.9 Gothic Basket Iron Baluster

    9/16" Square x 44" Tall
  • 16.3.20 Aluminum ShoeView Item

    16.3.20 Flat Aluminum Shoe

    Use with 9/16" Balusters
  • 16.3.17 Aluminum ShoeView Item

    16.3.17 Angled Aluminum Shoe

    Use with 9/16" Baluster
  • EPC-122 Epoxy GunView Item

    EPC-112 Epoxy Gun

    5 out of 5
    Necessary for dispensing epoxy cartridges.
  • EPC-410 Epoxy CartridgeView Item

    EPC-410 Epoxy Cartridge

    Dual cartridge epoxy refill.
  • Iron Sample PackView Item

    Iron Sample Pack

    Our 5 most popular finishes.