8060 Bowed Starting Step

8060 Bowed Starting Step

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Product Description

The bowed starting step is a stunning statement fit for a beautiful stairway set in a large open space. This product can be ordered as a single or double end.  When ordering single end, be sure to specify left hand or right hand. It is complemented well with a volute. We welcome special orders for custom sizes.

Starting steps are measured from the inside of the notch to the inside of the notch on the other end (this is called the Throat Cut).  The overall length of a starting step is more than the size ordered by the amount of the round parts on the end or ends.

Riser height is 7 1/2″, tread is 1″ thick, overall height is 8 1/2″.

Special options for starting steps:
All starting step treads can be hand scraped for an additional 30%.
All starting step risers can be made paint grade for a 20% saving.
Either put notes in your order, or call to place your order.

Product Specifications

Wood Grain & Color Variation

At StairSuppliesTM we strive to match the grain and color of all of our wood products as closely as possible. However, due to the natural character of wood products, there may be instances in which a perfect grain and color match is not possible. By ordering from StairSuppliesTM, you acknowledge that there may be some variation in the grain and color of your wood products.

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    Product Q&A

    1 year 10 months ago

    Is a bowed starting tread at the bottom of a straight staircase allowed by international building code?

    1 year 10 months ago

    Hi Frank,
    Unfortunately I don’t know about international code, you’d want to check with your local building inspector to find out for sure. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Dinakara Karanth
    1 year 10 months ago

    I have a custom bowed starting step (double returns) with carpet on it. I am replacing with wood. What is the radius of the returns for a 60 inch wide starting step. Also, Do you make custom starting step- bowed with double returns. I can send picture with dimensions.

    1 year 10 months ago

    Hi Dinakara,
    We definitely do custom! And if you’re trying to match a specific starting step I’d recommend going that direction.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    4 months 10 days ago

    what’s the dept in the center ? 11 or 14 ?

    4 months 7 days ago

    Hi Chris,

    The radius of the starting step varies depending on the size that you order and the number of returns. The sides will be approximately 11 1/4″. In most cases, the center will be around 14″. If you need measurements for a specific size of this starting step, please let us know the width you desire, and we can provide the measurements.

    1 month 4 days ago

    Can you provide the detailed measurements for the 60″ starting step? I want to have several bowed treads prior to the starting step. Can Stairsupplies create bowed treads and risers that match the curve of the starting step?

    1 month 2 days ago

    Hello Tina,

    We would be able to produce bowed treads and risers for your project that would match the starting step. If you email orders@stairsupplies.com with more details about your project, we will be able to provide you with more detailed measurements for the 60″ starting step and design the bowed treads to meet your needs. Thanks!


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