VR298 - DriveTite Kit (crimped)

DriveTite Interior Kit – VR298

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Product Description

The DriveTite Interior Kit contains everything you need to be able to tension one end of a run of cable inside a wood post at either an angle or on a level.*

We recommend you purchase our 5″ long T-30 driver in order to tension the Tensioning Screw more easily than using a standard length T-30 driver.

1 – Tensioning Screw (VR364)
1 – Barrel Fitting (VR360)
1 – Cable Stop (VR312)
1 – Wood Angle Insert (VR336)
2 oz – Screw Wax

These components are crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel and aluminum for lasting beauty and strength. We recommend putting a cable every 3 1/8″, we’ve found that this spacing (when combined with an intermediate post placed every 4 feet), allows for minimal cable deflection, so that you stay within the common 4″ sphere rule for code. If your overall system height is 36″ tall, typically a 10 pack for each post is required (depending on your handrail setup, it might be less). For 39″ systems purchase a 11 pack, and for 42″ systems purchase a 12 pack.

*You will need to purchase a kit for the other end of your cable, either another DriveTite Kit, Wood Level Tension Kit, a Wood Angle Tension Kit (for starting or ending on a staircase). We highly recommend using our Cable Railing Installation Tool Kit (VR400) to install this product.”


Installation Guide

Click below to see the DriveTite Interior installation guide.

Product Q&A

Ray Redniss
2 years 8 months ago

Can the DriveTite fittings be used with 1/8″ cable?

2 years 7 months ago

Hi Ray,
Unfortunately no, the fittings are designed to only work with 5/32″ cable. We recommend using out cable since we’ve obviously tested it to ensure that it will work.
Let us know if you have any other questions.

Mary B. Di Cecco
2 years 19 days ago

Please explain installation of the DriveTite (CRIMPED) Kit. It obviously is different than the uncrimped, but your video shows only the uncrimped!

2 years 18 days ago

Hi Mary,

The Crimped version of DriveTite uses a Cable Stop that is crimped onto the cable rather than the Cable Wedge, which slides over the cable and is compressed into the Barrel Fitting. In general, we suggest getting the uncrimped version unless you’re already doing a lot of crimping for a run of cable with metal posts. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with!

David McCardle
7 months 21 days ago

Can I buy just the cable stops seperate?

7 months 17 days ago


You can buy just the cable stops at https://www.stairsupplies.com/product/cable-stop/.


StairSupplies Customer Support

6 months 17 days ago

How much tension can each DriveTite lag handle?

6 months 17 days ago

Thanks for the question Robert.

We’ve tested DriveTite in house and it handled up to 1000 pounds.


StairSupplies Customer Support

1 month 28 days ago

I ordered the VR298 DriveTite Interior Kit, the one with stainless steel hardware as shown on the website. The video provided says that no crimping is needed, however, this video appears to be with an older DriveTite system with a black plastic/rubber barrel instead of with stainless steel hardware. I ordered the DriveTite Interior Installation Kit that does not come with a crimp. Will I now have to order a crimp separate from all of this because the DriveTite Interior Installation Kit does not come with the necessary tools?

1 month 12 days ago


I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the cable crimper with your installation kit. That should have been included. I’ve notified our customer service and they should get one shipped out to you as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.


StairSupplies Customer Support