Cable Rail: Sleek, Stylish, Simple

I recently finished reading Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. The book operates on the principal that the internet is changing the way we read and the way we think. With the distractions that the internet provides, it is hard for us to focus on reading a long article or think deeply about something before we get distracted.

The book got me thinking about my own habits, and I noticed that Carr’s conclusions take place in my life as well. Then, I thought about the relation The Shallows has with stair parts. Stair parts, done right, can be beautiful, elegant, and simple. Most people don’t want their stairway taking up a huge chunk of their floor space, but they still want it to look good. Oftentimes, balusters and handrail look too clunky for the modern home designer. They want something that is sleek and stylish.

Cable rail accomplishes both of these goals. It can be used as the handrail on a stairway:

Project # 60










Or as the guardrail on a landing:

Project # 60

I am the photographer of that first picture, and I can tell you that the cable rail looked absolutely fantastic. They also used the same cable rail as a guardrail for the upstairs landing which overlooked the main floor’s living room.

Now what does cable rail have to do with my experience reading The Shallows? Carr says that we get overwhelmed by all the information of the internet, and we can’t focus our attention for long periods of time because of all the distractions. However, this carries over to our life outside of the web as well. Cable Rail is sleek and simple, devoid of superfluous material. In essence, it cuts out all the distractions, so that people can focus on your stylish new stairway or landing.

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