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Guide To Baby Proofing Your Stairs

A sturdy and attractive stairway can be one of the finest features of a home, but they aren’t without risk. Falls are a leading cause of injury for children across several age groups, particularly those who are one year of age or less. These accidents result in more than a million injuries annually.  Baby proofing stairs is the first step to a safer home.

A Safer Household

The most common area for falls is on the stairs. As soon as children learn to crawl, stairs become a threat to their safety. But there is a simple way to go about baby proofing stairs.

Restrict Access

A baby gate or fence at the top and bottom of a staircase is the best way to keep your infant off the stairs. The gates are not difficult to install and work very effectively. You may discover they are life savers.

Keep infants off stairs

Selecting a Gate

No one product will suit every home and family. Your needs might depend on your child’s age, the design of the staircase and the access areas. Consider your family’s lifestyle and environment before you select the first product you find.

Consider the following stair safety factors:

  • Times of use: Are you often using the stairs during the day? If so, get a gate that can be opened and closed quickly and easily.
  • Do you carry your child up and down the staircase? Get a gate that can be opened with one hand.
  • Be sure there are sturdy, accessible handrails for your own support.
  • If there’s a room adjacent to the foot or head of the stairs you also want to close off, get a longer gate.
  • Home décor: Would you like the gate to match your interior design or the stairway itself?

There are a wide range of baby gates with different styles, hardware and materials. You don’t want to have one installed only to find out that babies can wriggle under or toddlers can climb over. Be certain that the one you select provides the best protection for your circumstances.

Longer Gates

If you have no actual doorframe or posts at the top or bottom of the stairs, install new posts or find a gate that spans the adjoining corridor or landing. If you need an extended baby gate, get one that’s sturdy at its center. Some products can be repositioned and extended with additional sections to enclose any area you wish.

At StairSupplies we have specialists focused on designing and building customized staircases. If you’ve recently had or are expecting children and are interested in baby proofing stairs, our designers can help you create stairways that are optimized for child safety, but still functional, attractive and sturdy. Bring us your ideas or concerns, and our specialists can provide the best solution for your family.

For more information about StairSupplies’ selection of stair parts and services, please contact us today.

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