On Monday, June 17th, I started a job in production at StairSuppliesTM. This is only a temporary, summer job as I look to get some money for college next year, but I have learned a ton about the StairSuppliesTM product in only a couple weeks!

Box Newel SliderMost of my days are filled with doing the final sanding on products, largely treads and risers, as these are the simplest products to sand though I have done some work with newels and handrail. But don’t worry, your orders aren’t only being checked by a rookie. Jose, the StairSuppliesTM sanding veteran checks all my work before it is taken over to shipping.

I’ve come to understand the whole process of production more thoroughly through my work experience there. I am the last person to actually work on a product (unless it is being finished), but it comes to me in a largely raw form. There are burn marks from the product being run through the moulder and some stray glue marks near the returned ends on the treads. My responsibility is to sand all these off with the orbital sander and make the product as smooth as possible.

Treads and risers are, frankly, quite boring to sand since it just requires repetition. But some of the newels and handrail that I have sanded require a higher level of scrutiny and attention to detail. There are more nooks and crannies in these pieces that require manual sanding, without the use of an orbital sander. These pieces embody the high level of craftsmanship that StairSuppliesTM offers. Doug is the guy that makes all of the box newels, and, along with being a great guy, his craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

Through my employment with StairSuppliesTM craftsmen, I’ve gained a greater appreciation the entire production process, especially the final stages of sanding. The StairSuppliesTM craftsmen take great pride in what their product and strive to give you the best quality available.