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Iron Baluster Design Tool: Envision the layout before you buy!

Choose between Solid & Hollow Balusters

Many of the 1/2″ balusters we offer are available in both Solid & Hollow (Sometimes called Tubular). Both are strong enough to support your handrail, but when choosing between the two there is a lot to consider.

Hollow balusters are made of a higher quality iron, which gives them a more precise, or perfect look. Some people prefer this look, but others prefer their iron balusters to look imperfect, with minor “defects”, to give the balusters more character.

Solid balusters are obviously heavier than hollow, and therefore can be more expensive to ship. Hollow balusters are easier to cut during installation, but with the right tools the solid balusters can be easily cut.

Shoes for Balusters

We always suggest putting shoes on the bottom of your balusters, but they can be added to the top as well for a balanced style. Be sure that the shoe you’re ordering corresponds to the width of your balusters before you make a purchase.

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