Any person initially contacting StairSupplies or Viewrail between November 14th and November 30th will be offered our sale pricing of 20% off the complete FLIGHT system. A complete FLIGHT system includes a FLIGHT stringer, hardware, treads, and cable or rod railing systems.

To secure the sale pricing StairSupplies/Viewrail will require a $1500 deposit within 10 business days from receiving the quote.

If you wish to cancel the order, the $1500 deposit will be fully refundable until December 31st, 2018, as long as the project has not completed the Tech Process. If a project has not completed the Tech Process and the customer wishes to cancel the order after December 31st, 2018, the project is eligible for a full refund with an additional $150 processing fee.

After the order is placed, or the sale is secured with the deposit, all standard FLIGHT StairSupplies, and Viewrial policies apply.

The sale price is only good for the person’s initial contact for quotes between the advertised dates, and cannot be retroactively applied nor extended into the future.

Our Commitment

Viewrail is committed to providing you with a premium stair and railing project that showcases elegance and strength. As part of that commitment, we will do everything within our control to ensure that your project goes smoothly. We ask that you partner with us throughout the process by providing us the information needed in a timely fashion as we move through the different phases of the project.

All orders require a deposit. A portion of the deposit is non-refundable after completion of the Tech Process. (Please speak to your design/sales specialist for details). The balance of the order will be due in full before manufacturing of any product begins.

All products are custom made for you. All wood products are made from solid lumber (we do not veneer). However, to get the appropriate depth for each tread, we do edge or face glue most parts (this is standard & required to build quality stair parts). We do our best to match wood color and grain, but wood is a natural product and will likely have variation. Because wood is a natural product and can have variations, we guarantee to manufacture your product from the requested wood species, but we cannot guarantee that the color and grain will be entirely uniform or be a perfect match to any samples received from us. This is the nature of lumber. All wood products should be placed in a climate-controlled environment immediately after receipt. Wood products purchased raw should be finished and installed as soon as possible.

Viewrail commits to providing an excellent customer experience. To do that, Viewrail must be made aware of any damage, defects, or shortages of the product/FLIGHT system within 1 week of receiving the items. Any claim after that will not be processed.

Code Partnership

It is our goal to provide our customers with drawings that highlight our commitment to manufacturing safe and beautiful staircases. Our drawings will illustrate code compliance regulations per 2018 IRC (International Residential Code).

Below is the list of commonly accepted IRC regulations from the 2018 IRC that we include in our drawings.

  • R311.7.5.1 – 4′′ sphere between infill (cable/rods)
  • R312.3.1 – 6′′ sphere at the rear of tread
  • R311.7.5.1 – Rise maximum of 7 3/4′′
  • R311.7.5.2 – Run minimum of 10′′
  • R311.7.1 – Tread width minimum of 36′′
  • R311.7.8.2 – Clearance of at least 31 1/2′′ if single handrail or 27′′ if handrail is present on both sides
  • R311.7.3 – Flight of stairs maximum rise without landing is 12′
  • R311.7.8.1 – Stair handrail height minimum of 34′′, maximum of 38′′.
    • Standard quote is 36′′.
    • Level railing height minimum of 36”, maximum of 42′′
    • The standard quote is 39′′
  • R311.7.8.5 – Handrail profile grip size perimeter greater than 6 1/4′′ shall have graspable finger recesses
  • R311.7.8 – Handrail is required if stair is ≥ 4 risers

States may adopt different versions of the IRC and IBC building regulations. In light of this, code compliance is ultimately our customers’ responsibility.

As part of our service, we will produce CAD drawings with specific product information. This can be used by your local engineer to produce “stamped” drawings that could be required by your local code enforcement office.

Tech Partnership

Viewrail commits to providing assistance to the customer as they gather necessary information for the engineering process; this necessary information includes but is not limited to:

  • Site photos
  • Mounting and blocking details
  • Necessary measurements

We cannot proceed without the information needed from these three categories.

Once all information has been gathered, Viewrail commits to a one-on-one phone call to review all details of the Tech and Engineering processes. The Tech process will move as fast as your ability to provide StairSupplies/Viewrail with the three key pieces of information that are needed; the customer will need to have a brief conversation with our Tech team as well.

After your project completes the Tech process, it will be moved on to the Engineering stage. Once a project enters the Engineering stage it will start being produced and the opportunity to stop or hold the project will be gone. A standard lead time for both the Engineering and Production processes combined is nine (9) weeks. If you know that you will not be prepared for installation onsite in that timeline please alert the Tech Team at the time of your Review.

Engineering Partnership

We commit to ensuring the CAD drawings we produce for you are professional and useful. When our drafting department begins making CAD drawings for your project, you commit to the following non-refundable deposits:

  • On orders under 25k: $500 non-refundable deposit
  • On orders between 25-49k: $1000 non-refundable deposit
  • On orders over 50k: $3000 non-refundable deposit

Change Orders Partnership

You will be asked to review and sign a Docusign version of your CAD drawings. We ask that you carefully look over and review the details and measurements on these drawings as they are what will be used by our production team to create your FLIGHT order. If you do not feel comfortable reviewing these important documents yourself, please review them with your contractor or builder before signing them. We commit to making any necessary changes to the drawings with no additional cost to you before you sign the Docusign drawings. Once you sign the Docusign drawing and we move into production your commitment to any “change order” is as follows:

  • Any part that has started through the manufacturing process and needs changing will be billed at the originally agreed upon price and the new part billed accordingly.
  • Any additional engineering required as a result of any “change order” will be billed at $60.00 per hour with a 1-hour minimum payment.
  • Any “change order” will likely result in a change to the originally promised due date.
  • Discounts do NOT apply to any change order authorized after the Docusign has been signed..

Shipping Partnership

Once the order is shipped, Viewrail commits to providing tracking and carrier information. The shipping company will contact you to schedule a delivery when your order arrives at a terminal near you. We ask that you make arrangements to have a few people help unload the crate the stringer is shipped in when it arrives (it is too long to only use a dolly cart).

Viewrail is a custom manufacturer that builds parts just for you. Viewrail is not responsible for scheduling conflicts with contractors when an order is delayed. We recommend waiting until you have set up a delivery appointment with the shipping company to schedule your team of installers. Viewrail is not responsible for installation, installation delays, installation difficulties, perceived financial loss, or injuries resulting from stair components or tools.

Upon receiving all shipments, note any visible damage on the bill of lading & photograph visible damage. This step will allow us to handle a damaged goods claim with the carrier on your behalf. Please do not reject the delivery. A damaged box does not necessarily mean the product is damaged. We allow our clients 2 weeks from the time of delivery to inspect and contact us with any damages or problems. No claim will be honored after the 2 week period.

All orders utilize a Lift Gate or Inside Delivery service offered by our freight shipping companies.

Viewrail is not the shipper; services do not apply to the stringer or stringer crate. Services provided may include:

  • Placement of freight inside of “first cover” such as a garage
  • Service will be provided to the same floor or level as the carrier’s vehicle
  • Service of “Curbside delivery” (adjacent to the truck) of and skid or pallet.
  • Storage: If Viewrail is required to hold the product for 5 business days past the estimated ship date, Viewrail will charge $500 per week for storage fee.
  • Notice to Owner: This document serves as notice of pending lien. Non-compliance with our payment terms will result in a mechanic’s lien being filed on the real property at [property address]. ________ (initial)
  • Viewrail understands that time is of the essence, but Viewrail is not responsible for costs incurred by the contractor due to delays in production, shipping, or installation of our products. These include, but are not limited to: labor, rental costs, mortgage rate costs, and certificate of occupancy costs.
  • Additional Terms: Viewrail is not responsible for permitting, occupational license, or any other City, County, or State fees required to perform this scope of work. Viewrail is not responsible for surveys to locate underground utilities, support line, or any other obstruction that may be damaged from core drilling or utilizing a rotary drill in slabs or walls. Viewrail is not responsible for X-ray or other locating processes for conduits or other items that may be embedded in concrete.
  • Arbitration: Any controversy arising out of this contract or breach of it may result in arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association applicable to the construction industry at the Contractor’s option. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. All arbitration expenses incurred by the Contractor, including attorney’s fees, shall be paid by the Contractor regardless of the outcome of the arbitration.