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April Wilkerson’s Curved Floating Outdoor Deck

Sometimes it’s okay to leave things up in the air. Take a look at this floating deck structure supported by a grove of live oak trees in Hill Country, Texas, built by April Wilkerson. April is a DIYer and woodworker with a YouTube channel of regularly awesome uploads and a tv show with Tim Allen, the Tool Man himself. (Yeah, we’re kinda jealous.)

As if having a deck supported by trees wasn’t cool enough, the curving of the structure adds to the organic nature of the system – and a slight level of difficulty when it comes to choosing the right infill.

While most people think cable is the way to go for curvy railings, rod is actually the better option. Not only is rod less likely to corrode, it also doesn’t need constant re-tensioning like cable does. You may be asking yourself, “But doesn’t cable twist and turn easier than stainless steel rod?” To which we respond, “You haven’t been smacked by a run of cable that’s escaped from a spool, have you?”

To put it simply:

1. Less maintenance in the long run
2. Easy installation
3. Much more durable
4. Can be flexible

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