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Project # 254

Brushed Bronze Balusters

Stairways are often the centerpiece of a home. In this scenario, the stairway is positioned so that it is visible from almost every room on the main floor. For that reason, the customer wanted a beautiful wrought iron baluster design that would add to the overall look and feel of the house.

After sending us these photos, the satisfied customer reported, “I knew that I wanted the softer bronze color as I found the black too harsh for our home.  I loved the brushed bronze as it has just a “touch a gold” on the balusters so the color is a little “imperfect” in nature and not so uniform in color.  Every baluster is just a little different from the next which adds interest.”

As you can see, the brushed bronze balusters truly add a unique and tasteful element to the living area.


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