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Project #328

The diversity of glass railing in this home shows off the different uses of the product. Inside this modern home, Standoff Pins with a black finish were used to hold the stair and balcony railing. The minimalistic hardware perfectly matches the color and style of the hardware around the house, and a glass mounted handrail is used to provide a graspable surface going up the stairs. For the exterior portion of the project, black Ascend Talons are mounted on top of the pre-existing half wall presenting a strong, “post-like” feel to the glass railing. Finally, where the view is at its best, obscure Base Rail is supports the glass from beneath with a cap rail on top. While sitting behind the glass the viewer is protected from any strong winds while being able to completely enjoy the view. This is just one beautiful example of what makes glass railing the fastest growing modern railing solution.

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