Professionally Stained & Clear Finished parts from Stair Supplies save time and money.

The clear finish we apply to your stair parts brings out the warmth and beauty of the wood. You will love the smooth, even finish that our professional finishers apply to your stair parts.

View the video below to see our meticulous finishing process:

  1. Time savings:  Our commercial finishing operation can save you days of time in completing your stairway.
  2. Durability:  Our commercial finishes are durable and only available with a commercial operation with a proper paint booth.
  3. Environmental:  You will not have the mess or smell of finishing in your home.  Our finishing operation is environmentally friendly because we filter all of the air before returning it to the atmosphere.
  4. Quality:  Our clean room finishing operation and 3-4 coat process provides the quality of finish that is nearly impossible to achieve in a home.

It is is easy to blend and touch up after making cuts and drilling holes and filling nail marks. Our commercial finish is compatible with polyurethanes and lacquers.

Contact our stair specialists regarding our stain offering.