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StairSuppliesTM offers stainless steel cable railing by the foot for your cable railing systems project. Our 1/8″ stainless steel cable by the foot is 316 Stainless Steel with highly durable properties. Although considered “Marine Grade,” StairSupplies only uses Rod Railing or Glass Railing for coastal projects, or projects within 10 miles of the coast.

316 Stainless is a high grade of stainless used in architectural applications. Stainless Steel Cable Rail Installation suggestions:

Spacing for cables is 3.125″ on center, and balcony height for residential is 36″ minimum (check local codes). A 36″ railing height will require 10 cables. A 39″ handrail height requires 11 cables. A 42″ handrail height requires 12 cables.  Recommended post spacing is a maximum of 4 feet between posts. Do not exceed the 4′ post spacing. Cable can make up to a 45 degree turn.

Please see our other DIY cable railing supplies and videos or learn more about cable railing systems.

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