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Crimper Multi-Tool

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Product Description

This multi-tool crimps both Rod and Cable components. The crimping locations are labeled on the tool, as well as the cable cutting function.


Product Q&A

8 years 10 months ago

I can’t get the crimper to tighten.

Stair Supplies
8 years 10 months ago

Hi Scott,
I’m sorry you’re having problems with the crimpers. Please contact our customer service department and they will be happy to assist you.

Rolando Coliguante
5 years 5 months ago

I need parts for my crimper. I need 2 replacement . 10mm. The crimper teeth do not tight the cables inside the stud anymore. They are worn out.

5 years 5 months ago


Thanks for the question. We have replacement dies for the crimper, but they aren’t sold through our website. You can give us a call at (866) 226 6536 and get those replacement parts ordered.


StairSupplies Customer Support