Creative staircase design

Say Goodbye to Boring! Top Creative Staircase Designs from Around the World

One of the most spectacular elements of any home comes from creative staircase design. Eyes are automatically drawn to a staircase, whether it’s a traditional approach or a completely artistic style. Here are some interesting creative choices.

Unique Staircase Ideas

Wooden Staircase

Wooden and even spiral staircases are hardly new, but a remarkable look is created by stacking lumber in a pattern that spirals up to the ceiling around a central point. Stained to match the rest of the interior, but unfinished, this idea creates a rustic but extravagant look that never fails to impress.

Stair at the Musée Gustave Moreau, Paris

Creative staircase design can be a work of art, which is certainly the case with the one at the museum dedicated to 19th century artist Gustave Moreau.  An elegant, flowing design is made even more dramatic by the fact that the white ceiling seems to melt down from above to flow along the underside of the staircase.

Trippy Stairs

That’s a good way to describe a staircase designed by Atmos Studio of London. The wooden steps have an unusual concave shape at the center of the meeting of white and brown ribbon elements winding down from the walls. The result is a surreal, distinctive look that’s hard to forget.

Bookcase Stairs

Stairs can be more than stairs. One idea is to leave the risers open so that the space under the steps can be used to house a collection of books or other display items. A combination of staircase and bookcase is a good use of space.

Floating Staircase

These aren’t for people who suffer from vertigo, but floating staircases represent a contemporary, open design. For example, angular black steps anchored in a white wall can climb around the interior corner of a room to make a minimalist visual statement.

Triangle Left-Right

Creative staircase design isn’t limited to flat, parallel steps. A series of triangle steps alternately slanted left and right can climb higher to an upper level. This creates a unique and memorable design that’s actually very stable, as stairs should be.

Wall-Integrated Stairs

It’s possible to make staircases almost invisible. One design idea is to build the steps into a wall made of flat, stacked asymmetrical pieces with the staircase steps standing out a little further. This creates a staircase that’s hardly noticed until you need to use it.

Wall-integrated Stairs

Creative Floors

One unique staircase created for the Longchamp store in New York takes advantage of horizontally laid floor segments so that the steps seem to rise up out of the floor while the excess material flows away in waves to either side.

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