The right tools make stair redesigns easy.

What Tools Do I Need for a Staircase Redesign?

You hear spooky creaking in the dead of night – coming from the stairs. You sometimes imagine the Three Stooges somehow once lent a helping hand as you examine the condition of your stairs. You conclude that the time has come for renovations. The next step: What are the right tools for a staircase redesign?

After studying our earlier articles on redesigning staircases, you’ve rolled up your sleeves and are rip-roaring ready to go. You’re slipping carefully down the stairs and you’re heading out the door to get the right tools for a staircase redesign that you’re confident will simply amaze.

Buy Good Tools To Do The Job Right

The first step: Buy or get these tools:

  • Standard levels cost around $10. Digital levels can reach $300.
  • Stair gauges costs under $5 each.
  • Sawhorses are used to support boards and planks.
  • Handsaws are also called panel saws or fish saws.
  • Socket wrench and sockets. A good set costs up to $100.
  • Tape measure. Digital measures range from $30 – $100.
  • A square costs about $10.
  • Drill sets range in price from $30 to $300.
  • Hammers are absolute necessities. Plan on spending $10 for a good one.
  • Circular saws are must haves. Plan to pay anywhere from $100 to $600 for a good one.
  • Work gloves in polyester or leather can save you from cuts and scrapes.

The right tools will make your staircase redesign easier.

  • Dust masks protect you from sawdust inhallation.
  • Safety glasses provide must-have eye protection.

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