Are you new to the art of building stairs?

Stairs and stairways are crafted lovingly. But they have to be built to last, too. And they have to be built so that after someone takes that first step each step thereafter is the same.
Are you new to this? Do you need some on-line resources to build your stairs?

You might take a look at some of the following:

  • Ordering Guide. – A checklist to help you measure and calculate everything that you will need for your stairway.
  • Finishing Program – Learn about our Premium Quality Stair Finishing Program.
  • Design Custom – We can help with custom pieces for your stairway.
  • How to Install Replacement Stair Treads – Installation Instructions for Replacement Stair Treads
  • How to Build Stairs – This is a tactically “how to” guide. Everything from attaching fittings to a handrail, to baluster spacing.
  • How to Install a Bending Handrail – A pictorial guide of bending handrail on a stairway.
  • Stair Anatomy – Look at a stairway “blueprint” and understand how the pieces fit together.
  • Stair Parts Glossary – What’s the difference between a banister and a balustrade? What are bull noses all about? Learn the terminology here so that you can buy what you need.
  • How do I choose the wood? We have two resources for this – you can look at wood hardness (Janka Scale), and you can match wood type and “color.” Due to the nature of some wood species, color variations should be expected.

Need more help?

How about looking at our gallery of completed projects? There you can see a variety of different kinds of stairs, choose the one that is right for you, and see what products were used to make it.

  • Or let us help you. We don’t do consulting or contracting. We only sell stair parts, but we know that in order to succeed ourselves, we have to help you succeed. So call our offices, 1 (866) 226 6536, and ask to speak to a stair specialist. We’ll give you advice on how to make your stairs be beautiful and work for you. You can also reach out to us online and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.