VR290 - Level Tension Kit

Level Tension Kit – VR290

Ships in approx: 4 Days

Product Description

The Level Tension Kit contains everything you need to tension one end of a run of cable.*

1 – Tension Receiver (VR305)
1 – Threaded Crimp Fitting (VR306)
1 – Steel Insert Sleeve (VR331)

These components are crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for lasting beauty and strength. If you are purchasing our 36″ tall posts purchase a 10 pack for each tensioning post. For 39″ posts purchase a 11 pack, and for 42″ posts purchase a 12 pack.

*You will need to purchase a kit for the other end of your cable, either another Level Tension Kit, an Angle Tension Kit (for starting or ending on a staircase), or a KeyMount Kit (which is used in our C, F, H & J posts to begin a cable run inside the post). We highly recommend using our Cable Rail Installation Tool Kit (VR400) to install this product.

Installation Guide

Click on the image below to view our cable railing installation guide.

Metal Post Install Guide

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    Product Q&A

    Aniel Preetam
    1 year 11 months ago

    what is the longest straight run I can run cables between two posts

    1 year 11 months ago

    The longest run that we have tested is 70 feet (assuming you have Level Tension Kit’s on both ends of the cable). Beyond that length you’d want to add double posts somewhere in your run for added tensioning ability.

    1 year 10 months ago

    what diameter of cable?

    1 year 10 months ago

    These fittings are designed to work with cable that is 5/32″ in diameter.

    James Letourneau
    1 year 7 months ago

    I would like to use wood post around the perimeter and want to know what you have for all the mid posts where the wire goes thru.the posts Is there a stainless steel piece that is installed or do I just drill smaller holes the the wire passes thru. Thanks Jim

    1 year 7 months ago

    Thank you for your inquiry, James. You can find our selection of intermediate posts by clicking here. If there is anything further we can assist with, please let us know.

    1 year 3 months ago

    What is the size of the hole in the metal post installation?

    1 year 3 months ago

    Our fittings are designed to work with a 1/2″ hole drilled through the post.

    Edgar Villanueva
    8 months 14 days ago

    Does the level tension kit 1 pack come with an assembly for both ends of the cable or one?

    8 months 11 days ago

    Hi Edgar,

    The 1 pack has the components needed to tension one end of one run of cable. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Casey Ehrman
    7 months 30 days ago

    Do you sell the steel insert sleeve alone for the cable to pass through wood intermediate post?

    7 months 29 days ago

    Hi Casey,

    Good question. The first thing you’ll want to know is that our Wood Level Tension Kits are slightly different from this one that is for metal posts. So, if you’re using wood posts, you’ll definitely want to check the Wood Level Tension Kit out. That kit does include a Wood Insert Sleeve that we do sell separately as well. If you need something for intermediate wood posts on an angled run, take a look at the Wood Angle Insert Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    7 months 13 days ago

    Will this fitting work with a 1″ thk. tube steel post? If not, do you have a shorter tension device that would?

    7 months 5 days ago


    This kit will not work with a 1″ thick post. They are designed to be hidden inside of 2″ thick steel posts. All of our metal cable railing systems are designed to work with our 2″ thick posts.

    6 months 12 days ago

    If I’m using the Level Tension Kit VR290 for the end of my 9.5′ run (with one post in the center of the run), do I need to use another Level Tension Kit at the other end, which is a corner? Or should I instead use a Key Mount Kit instead for that corner post?

    6 months 9 days ago


    For this specific application, you can use either another Level Tension Kit or a KeyMount Kit on the other end of your run. As long as your run isn’t over 50-60 feet, you will be fine to use the KeyMount Kit on one end.

    A few things to note:

    • We recommend having no more than 4′ between posts (measured center to center).
    • If you choose to use the KeyMount Kit on the other end, make sure to order an “F” post (assuming this is a level run). An “F” post only has holes on one side of the post.
    • If you choose to use the Level Tension Kit on the other end, make sure to order an “A” post. An “A” post has holes on both sides of the post.
    5 months 3 days ago

    Will these work with 3/16″ cable

    5 months 2 days ago


    This product is designed to work with our 5/32″ cable. We can’t offer any guarantees with cable that we don’t sell.